To Our Company

Jumeirah Egypt Trading & Contracting Company is a member of Jumeirah Group Holding, a company specialized in construction, management, and implementation Tourism Projects. Always have accuracy, quality, and credibility in implementation. As a leading Egyptian construction company, we have experienced staff, High-efficiency equipment and a large base of suppliers, subcontractors, and trained workers. Jumeirah's ultimate goal remains to win customer confidence.

Time, mastery and quality and safety are challenges, not just slogans. Every new achievement puts us in front of a new challenge.

Our company relies on the latest technology technological techniques and unique scientific knowledge in the contracting field, that requisite for responsibilities and duties we have. The active and prominent role we have in the contracting field for improving and developing Egypt's future real estate, by achieving projects that satisfy individuals’ needs.

Jumeirah Egypt is responsible for constructing complete architectural projects from tourist villages, recreational projects, water and sewage networks, electricity works, swimming pools, lakes, and other unique services.


Labor Skills

we have the top engineers and technicians in all disciplines to build high-quality projects. All of them have passed a series of serious tests, in order to ensure excellence and to check the quality of work for each individual in his specialization.


all supplied materials and its installation method, pass through several laboratories specially designed to detect and ensure their quality. These laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and efficient techniques.

Safety Factors

all implemented projects in accordance with international safety standards. Where security and safety conditions are applied during the equipment transfer and implementation process.

Wide experience

our work system is based on strong work methodology, due to the extensive experience in the contracting field we have got over the past years. That enabled us to excel clearly in the market, also, we were able to attract many customers' confidence towards our projects.


Seeking to obtain customers’ satisfaction by providing high-quality services, accuracy, and implementation speed. Due to the practical and scientific experience, we based on, we became one of the best leading contracting companies in Egypt.


We strive to be at the forefront of the largest contracting companies. So, we always dedicated to providing our services in a professional manner that meets our customers’ tastes. We are proud of our projects implementation with accuracy and quality required. Also, due to our practical and scientific experience, we distinct by fast performance and timely delivery of projects.


  • Apply global safety standards to our services in terms of excellence and quality.
  • Develop skilled human resources to promote and develop society.
  • Achieving progress and continuous growth of the company's conditions.
  • Improve members’ performance to become outstanding entrepreneurs.
  • Get the best development opportunities that fit our plans and strategies.